Microsoft Dot Net

The .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that run on Windows as well as Web. we designs and develops highly effective custom software solutions that meet your business needs and support its growth. We deliver the full spectrum of development services from single custom applications to entire technology. We have extensive experience in design and implementation of the latest technologies and solutions. If your focus is flexibility and reliability, Microsoft’ framework will give your website, application or product, the portability you desire.We wish to be leading provider of custom development solutions in India and globally.

♦   Correctly setup Web Site and Web Application projects
♦   Use the correct controls, navigation controls
♦   Design and develop custom controls
♦   Save time using proven third party controls
♦   Create stunning User Interfaces and navigation
♦   Optimize database connectivity
♦   Increase performance thru Ajax and other user interface optimization techniques
♦   Understand where you should be using Silverlight vs. ASP.NET
♦   Integrate design using the Microsoft Expression Suite
♦   Help you architect and design a scalable, leverage-able C#-based framework and application
♦   Create WinForms using UI best practices
♦   Create web-based applications with C# as the managed language
♦   Create secure, robust web services
♦   Target performance issues in C#

The .NET Framework supports multiple programming languages and manages most of the work involved in developing software. This enables developers to focus on the core business logic code and dramatically reduces time to market.

Microsoft Dot Net for Enterprises and Businesses

The development platform provides a language-neutral environment for the development and execution of software products, therefore your site’s functionality need not be tied to a single language. Built to operate between new and older applications, the .net Framework includes a large library and has the ability to support several programming languages and make them work together in the common language infrastructure. Instead your site will be available across several languages in the .net framework.

Easy deployment is possibly the most attractive benefit of the .net framework. The .net development platform makes it easier to maintain your code, and eliminates the need to mix HTML and ASP code. The .net Framework also includes functions for exception handling, garbage collection, security, and interoperability.

Microsoft’s .net framework has it's own security features including code access security (CAS), and validation and verification. The dot net development framework also has direct support for security so your solution isn’t tied to local resources or a local machine. To allow users to access data on a remote machine, .net as a platform, enables the developer to control the level of security.