About Us

About Us

YNV Technologies is established by a Professional who proved their excellence service in the industry by the latest technologies. Our focus spaciously remains in maximizing the Return of Investment of our customers.we provide consistent and engaging customer service across all channels.our technical team is expertise in handling complex challange and provide global solutions


Our dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of Warmth, Friendliness, Individual Pride, and Excellence.
♦   To be the leading Enterprise Information Management consulting firm
♦   To be a customer focused corporation in targeted market segment
♦   To build a strong company that will share all its success with its associates

Vision Strategy

In order to achieve this vision, list of corporate objectives where outlined as follows;
♦   To meet and exceed customer expertise by providing services of highest standard
♦   To behave and conduct business in professional manner.
♦   To be acceptable in communities where we operate by involving ourselves in community projects.


YNV Technologies commits itself to the following;
♦   To create employment in the local economy
♦   To be adoptive in business by responding to changing and challenges.
♦   To build good relationship with companies both public and private sector.


♦   Honesty
♦   Partnership
♦   Commitment
♦   Customer adaptability

Functional Objectives

♦   High level of services
♦   High quality, Low Cost and short lead time
♦   Greater adaptability